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Scott R. Rowley
Mr. Rowley’s practice focuses on family and juvenile law matters.

Family Law

  • Aggressive litigator with experience in high dollar/high conflict cases, including multi-million dollar asset cases.
  • Proven history of receiving attorney’s fees awards at trial.
  • Extensive experience in cases involving:
    • business valuation, especially Rueshenberg analysis;
    • complex spousal maintenance / A.R.S. 25-319;
    • parental alienation;
    • drug/alcohol cases – thorough understanding of testing chemistry, protocol, and marijuana laws;
    • domestic violence;
    • orders of protection;
    • hidden assets and marital waste;
    • disputed incomes – including vocational evaluations and self-employed individuals under A.R.S. 25-320.02;
    • child support enforcement – including the specialty Enforcement and Accountability Courts in Maricopa County and incarceration for non-payment;
    • pre-nuptial/post-nuptial agreements – both on the transactional side and litigating enforceability of premarital agreements.
    • grandparent rights, in loco parentis, and post-adoption visitation agreements;
    • family court appeals.
  • Paternity / Father’s Rights
  • One of the few family law attorneys in Arizona also qualified as a Parenting Coordinator, and listed on the Maricopa County Behavioral Health Roster.
  • Understands that the pre-trial process is where the case is often won.  Our team begins working up your case immediately to reach the quickest resolution.
  • Works closely with clients to achieve clear goals as litigation progresses.

Juvenile Law

  • Adoption
  • Including ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act) cases
  • Severance
  • Dependency
  • Delinquency
  • Foster Parents Rights
  • Experience in HCTC cases

Education & Background
J.D. – The Ohio State University, Moritz College of Law,  Distinguished Merit Scholar, Associate Editor – Journal on Dispute Resolution

B.A. – Arizona State University, Dean’s Honor List

Civic Board Member – NEDCO – Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation, a Community Development Financial Institution

Matthew S. Long

Mr. Long is a criminal defense attorney who is able to defend anyone accused of or arrested for a crime in Arizona.  Mr. Long has extensive trial experience in all felony and misdemeanor cases including:

Sexual Offenses                                        DUI and DWI Cases
Child Pornography Cases                         Domestic Violence Cases
1st Degree Murder/Homicide                    Vehicular Homicide
Violent Crimes                                           Drug Offenses
Child Abuse                                               White Collar Crimes

He is also a death penalty qualified attorney with capital experience and is recognized by the Arizona Supreme Court as one of a small number of attorneys in the State of Arizona qualified to represent clients as lead counsel in death penalty cases.

His background and experience makes Mr. Long one of the most diverse and experienced trial attorneys in the State of Arizona.

Mr. Long has handled several high profile cases.  In 2010, two of Mr. Long’s cases which he prosecuted (Susan Brock and Andrea Martinez) were identified by azcentral.com as among the “top 20 most viewed cases that shook the State.”

Mr. Long graduated cum laude from the Arizona State University School of Law where he was distinguished as the Truman Young Fellow. Matthew joins the firm after spending over 12 years as a Deputy County Attorney in Maricopa County and Pinal County. During his time as a prosecutor, he supervised and trained prosecutors and law enforcement in Arizona and throughout the country on trial advocacy skills and investigation techniques. This experience gives Matthew a unique perspective and makes him a strong advocate for individuals charged with a crime. Mr. Long continues to present and instruct nationally in the areas of child crimes and criminal law.

He has extensive experience in examining and cross- examining experts in the following fields:

DNA and Serology                              Forensic Pathology
Sexual Assault Exams                        Injury and Medical Trauma
Shaken Baby Syndrome                    Mental Health
Fingerprints                                         Handwriting Comparison
Financial Records                               Computer Forensics
Cell Phone Analysis                            Crime Scene Reconstruction
Accident Reconstruction                    Firearms and Ballistics

Mr. Long is also experienced in areas of criminal law beyond the trial level. He has drafted several appellate briefs and has conducted several post conviction hearings related to judicial error, newly discovered evidence, and ineffective assistance of counsel.

Mr. Long is a strong advocate with a diverse and extensive background. He recognizes that each case and client is different and is able to meet the individual’s needs based on their unique set of circumstances.

Jefferson W. Simmons

When it comes to finding the right criminal defense attorney, passion is everything.

As a DUI and criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Jefferson Simmons pours years of skill and experience into every case that he handles. He truly cares about the outcome of each case and is dedicated to providing the best legal advocacy possible.

After graduating from law school, Jefferson moved to Arizona and started his career at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. There, he began working as a prosecutor and gained invaluable courtroom experience handling all types of misdemeanor and felony criminal cases, ranging from DUI to homicide, including assault and drug cases.

Jefferson is a Criminal Law Specialist as certified by the Arizona State Bar, a special designation reserved for highly qualified attorneys.  He uses his experience as a former prosecutor to create aggressive defense strategies for each of his clients. He knows how prosecutors think and uses this knowledge to the advantage of his clients in the courtroom.

Jefferson is one of the few attorneys confident enough to take tough DUI cases to trial.