When a third party is concerned that a parent is unfit or unable to care for their child, that concerned party can file a Dependency Law action. Often, it is the Department of Child Safety (DCS) who steps in to investigate and intervene. If DCS finds cause, they may petition to remove the child or children from the custody of the parents temporarily or permanently.

During a temporary removal, DCS will hold a Team Decision Making Meeting, which is an opportunity for parents and DCS to discuss concerns, issues and potential services to help retain custody. Parents are entitled to retain and have an attorney present during this and any other meetings with DCS. At Valley of the Sun Law, we work with parents to understand the demands being made by DCS and what they need to do to comply with the Dependency Law expectations necessary to regain custody of their children.

  • Abandonment
  • Neglect
  • Parents inability to parent
  • Substance issues / Drug violations

A dependency and neglect (D&N) case is a civil action brought by a county department of heath and human services. D&N cases are complicated in nature. Many parties, including private and county attorneys, caseworkers, case coordinators, and court-appointed special advocates will have a role in investigating the allegations, while protecting the rights and best interests of the allegedly abused or neglected child(ren) and accused parent(s). The judge will provide options for helping the family members involved resolve their issues. In an emotionally-charged area of law, you need the assistance and resources of a distinguished family law firm.

Defining child abuse and/or neglect саn ѕееm complicated. Definitions аrе established аt thе Federal level, thе State level, аnd аlѕо thrоugh thе Court system. We are Dependency Law Experts.

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