Focus Area
  • Family Law Practitioner
  • Divorce
  • Juvenile Law
  • J.D. Ohio State University Distinguished Merit Scholar | Associate Editor | Journal on Dispute Resolution
  • B.A. - Arizona State University Dean's Honor List
Family Law Practitioner

Mr. Rowley is an aggressive litigator with experience in hundreds of family and juvenile matters. His practice focuses on high-conflict cases. With years of experience, Mr. Rowley is able to guide clients through what is often the most difficult period of their lives.

As a parenting coordinator, Mr. Rowley is recognized by the Court for his expertise. He is appointed in cases where parents are unable to resolve disputes and need an experienced, knowledgeable, and unbiased party to write new custodial orders.

Mr. Rowley works with his clients to understand their goal, ease their concerns, and uses his knowledge of the justice system in order to communicate clearly. Using aggressive litigation tactics he drives cases into settlement mode to reach the desired goal.

Practice Areas
• Divorce
• Business Valuation
• Mediation
• Adoption
• Dependency
• High-Conflict Custody
• Parent Coordination
My Approach

I work with people at a point in their life when they are facing a major life changes and are worried and unsure about their future. My goal is to provide as much clarity about the process, their options and hope for the future as I can, easing some of the worry.

Establishing goals for a case determines the path the case will take. I use a two-pronged approach, using litigation as leverage to negotiate areas of conflict and drive cases towards settlement.

In family court much of the case is won in pre-trial preparation, and my objective is always to know more about the details of the case than the other side. The details are especially vital in divorce cases with business valuations, complex spousal maintenance, or other high-conflict cases. Having a command of the facts of the case gives me a leg up on the other side, and results in better outcomes for my clients.